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Traditonal Lease Purchase Financing Bidding

 Advisory Services for Transactions $200,000 and up

"We specialize in single investor tax-exempt lease purchase financing for governmental entities, our experience ties together aspects of commercial and investment banking. Our advisory identifies the best possible collateral balance and repayment structure to optimize the interest rates obtained via our web based competitive bidding platform. Our objective, given finite available tax dollars, is to give our governmental clients the ability to acquire more and keep the tax dollars in the classrooms and communities."

                                                                                      -Dennis Balodis-

We are proud to announce that

TELP is Back!! (and better than ever)

Compliant and Easy to Use for

Transactions sized $2,500 -$200,000

The Hunterdon ESC's NJ State Approved Co-op #34HUNCCP has awarded a lease purchase financing program for "Small Ticket" $2,500 to $200,000 transactions.

  • School buses,
  • Police vehicles,
  • Copiers,
  • Trucks, 
  • Basically any essetial use equipment

Check our TELP links on the left side of this page.

Please Contact: KS Bank, Linda Tiers, Vice President

Phone: (800) 752-3562



"A compliant alternative to high priced vendor financing"

-Dennis Balodis-.


Financial Services Manager
Dennis R. Balodis,
Phone: 908 572 7715